Thursday, May 5, 2011


Errr Hari ni mood Mak Dara ada sikit tukau.. Terasa nak speaking London pulak di tengah tengah hari ni.. Harap harap korang layanzzz ajelah angin meroyan Mak hari ni yer keke

Celebrations of mothers and motherhood occur throughout the world. So don't miss out to celebrate this wonderful day with your Mom. This is the 3rd year i've being doing the same campaign =)

Show your love by putting your picture with your mom as your profile picture on Facebook today untill the end of mother's day.

You can also take this picture and make it your profile picture to support this campaign..
Let's show the world how much we love our Mom.. Happy Mother's Day to all mother's all over the world!!
Click HERE to join the campaign..


  1. happy mothers day yerk mak dara... hehe.. hari ibu sabtu ni kan :)

  2. ..walaupon arwah mak saya dah 10 tahun pergi....saya ttp fatihah..