Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Malaysia's Next Top Female Blogger

Finally.. Malaysia’s Top Female Blogger 2011 Contest is here!!!
Organize by the one and only SANDRA AZWAN...

1) Tell us about your blog in 70 words or less. (When and why you started it, how often you update, and your viewers)

BICARA MAK DARA was aired on 17th January 2011. It is my
personal blog. It is all about my activities, thoughts, inspiration, ideas, and everything that happened around me. Ok.. Ok.. the truth is... it's mostly about me.. myself.. and I haha.. This blog is like a hideout for me from my busy and hectic life as a script writer, a wife and a mother for my four beautiful kids . I update my blog everyday!! It's like an addiction.. really.. The topic in my blog can be from my day activities to gossip, tutorial, gossip, my kids, my drama and more gossip... I have all kind of viewers from teenagers to the elderly.. from a single persons to a married couples.. And I love them all...

What is your personal style?

My style? Mostly I'll wear Joutfit (Jean Outfit) when outing with my kids. I love to buy a "pret-a-porter" outfit
(ready-to-wear) But unfortunately it's kinda hard to find something like that for my size. Those gorgeous Jimmy Choo's glitter shoes are completely "presh" and I love to have them but unfortunately I can't afford it.. So most of the time I will wear my "Fugly" (F'in Ugly) pump shoe lol.. But I will definitely will avoid wearing something "festive" or something "faddish".

3) A picture of you in one of your favorite outfits:

I really love this picture of me wearing my most favorite outfits.. The good news is.. I really feels like a
fashionista when I wear something like this..But the bad news is.. This picture was taken 2 years ago and now with my new condition..(toooo fat) i couldn't wear this dress any longer or otherwise I will look like a fashion victim.. lol

Are you the next Malaysia’s Top Female Blogger 2011? Why?

DEFINITELY!! wow that really sound sooo over the top and over confident huh.. But to be a
Malaysia’s Top Female Blogger, ones need to be confident.. Right? To achieve great things, we must first dream ~ Coco Chanel =)

Ok ok now back to the question WHY should I be the next Malaysia's Top Female Blogger? It's because I'm a "blogger-friendly" or at least I try to be one. I work hard to improves my Blog. I blog 24-7! And most of all.. because I LOVE TO BE A BLOGGER!!!

I love to read ‘Life with Sandra…..’ because?

I love to read ‘Life with Sandra because
Sandra Azwan's blog has such an amazing collections!! His creations and designs look soo couture soooo Avant-garde, so ahead of its time and looks like it comes straight off the runway.


Tks Sandra for this great opportunities .. You're simply the best!!! =)


  1. Ingatkan Malaysia Next Top Model Td..hihi

  2. Hello Mak Dara!! Thank you so much!It's a good entry.. fabulous!!
    Good luck!!;-)

  3. Shafiq: kalau Malaysia next top model.. Mak dara yg paling terawal akan tersingkir

    Sandra: I hope I hit the number 9 on ur terms and condition.. the "impressed me" part hehe

  4. Good Luck sis ... :)