Thursday, December 8, 2011

Senarai Finalist Kuala Lumpur International Short Film Festival (KLIS 2012)

Here are the list of finalist for Kuala Lumpur International Short Film Festival. It is so hard to chose the top 10 of each category. All entries are so great and creative. For all the shortlisted, congratulation and for those who did not make to the final, we hope for you to come back with a new great shorts next year.

KLIS2012 welcome all of you to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia during the festival. 

CSR Category

1. I DON'T NEED A GOLF COURSE (9m, Japan) 
2. Hotel of the world (15m, Belgium) 
dir. by Ayoub Luahabi
3. The Half-Light (13m, United Kingdom) 
dir. by Prasanna Puwanarajah
4. 123 (8m, Philippines) 
dir. by Carlo Obispo
5. Like Toy Dolls (4m, Malaysia) 
dir. by Yihwen Chen
6. DOS TRISTES TRES (6m, Spain) 
dir. by Antonio Quiroga
7. Our Boat Is Our Address (10m, Bangladesh) 
sub. by Purna Shiropa on 2011-07-17 06:16 
8. Game Gangster (9m, Singapore) 
dir. by Kaz Cai
9. It's In Your Hands (3m, India) 
dir. by Andrew Hinton
10. YEARS ABROAD (4m, Italy, U S A) 
sub. by Maria Pia Fanigliulo

Student Category

1. Tirages en série (13m, Switzerland) 
dir. by Kevin Haefelin
2. Road to Peshawar (19m, U S A) 
dir. by Hammad Rizvi
3. Lily (11m, U S A) 
dir. by Susana Casares Domingo
4. Hooked (11m, South Korea) 
dir. by Stuart Howe
5. Arbeiter verlassen die Fabrik (10m, Germany) 
dir. by Anna Linke
6. Bian Zi (15m, Taiwan) 
dir. by Chun-Yi Hsieh
7. Thudarkatha (Story continues) (No runtime, India) 
8. Khara Karodpati (19m, India) 
dir. by Piyush Thakur
9. The Hipster View (12m, Malaysia) 
10. 6 Women (17m, U S A) 
dir. by Arani Sen

Animation Category

1. My Telatori (13m, Malaysia) 
dir. by Kuan Win Chin
2. EL DUELO (6m, Venezuela) 
dir. by Jesus Barrios
3. Monster and Dumpling (5m, South Korea, U S A) 
dir. by Jihwan Jung
4. LIZARD (3m, Australia) 
dir. by John Skibinski
5. La vuelta (7m, Switzerland) 
dir. by Marius Portmann
6. Dreaming a whole life (5m, Spain) 
7. Low-Tech (3m, Taiwan) 
dir. by Hui-ching Tseng
8. Overcast (9m, Canada) 
dir. by Velislav Kazakov
9. My father is a washerman (8m, Singapore) 
dir. by Srinivas Bhakta
10. PENSOU - Do The Good (10m, India) 
dir. by Milind Kuri

Short Category

1. Come to Harm (18m, U S A, United Kingdom, Iceland) 
dir. by Borkur Sigthorsson
2. Matador on the road (16m, Spain) 
dir. by Alexis Morante
3. The Novel (20m, Italy) 
sub. by Paolo Licata 
4. The Limits (7m, Indonesia) 
dir. by iqbal rais
5. WORDS (14m, India) 
dir. by Anup Bhandari
6. A Fábrica (15m, Brazil) 
dir. by Aly Muritiba
7. Crossing Salween (20m, Ireland) 
dir. by Brian O'Malley
8. Beneath the surface (10m, France) 
dir. by saliva mathieu
9. Sunny Boy (11m, United Kingdom) 
dir. by Jane Gull
10. The Fisherman's Son (11m, Malaysia) 
sub. by Yoki Chin

All the best for all the contestant. See you guys at KLIS!!!

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  1. Wow..mesti syok nih..

    Daddy pernah dulu sertai Short Film untuk FFM 2007..Tapi takde rezeki nak gi ke red carpet..