Sunday, September 23, 2018



Just signed a new lease for a nice new apartment in serangoon and you’re not sure what you are supposed to and not supposed to do in terms of decorating? Have no fear. We’re all privy to the sometimes-overwhelming number of rules in décor and design. The coterie of rules can be endless – ceilings must be white, the sofa should always be neutral, don’t mix patterns, and the list goes on and on. However, sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Take a good look at some of the most captivating interior spaces and it becomes apparent that sometimes beauty lies within rebellion.

Read on for some decorating rules that are meant to be thrown out the window.

1. Don’t mix patterns

Don’t be afraid of mixing prints and patterns in your home. You shouldn’t feel the need to restrict the number of patterns or prints you incorporate into your space. As long as it is done tastefully and carefully, mixing and matching patterns is a wonderful way to exude a carefree, bohemian vibe.

2. Small furniture for small rooms

The logic that gave rise to this rule is due to the law of proportions. Logic goes that a smaller space will appear bigger if you use smaller pieces of furniture. However, just because you have a smaller space, you shouldn’t be afraid to incorporate some big ideas. You can still play around with proportions, like adding a couch that may take up an entire living room, or adding a large oversized painting as the focal point in a small room.

3. Chair legs must be entirely on a rug, or entirely off

Now this rule is just plain nonsense. Who’s to say that your chairs or sofas have to be right inside the boundaries of a rug? Instead of sticking to a rule like this, consider what’s best for the look and proportions of the room that you’re decorating.

4. A living room demands a couch

A couch is probably the most prominent piece in every living room. However, having a couch is not a must in design and décor. This might just end up being what makes all living rooms out there look the same. Instead, embrace your individuality. You can consider a whole combination of seating options. For example, instead of a large couch, go for a settee and several armchairs.

5. Art can only be hung on the wall

This is another outdated approach to decorating. Traditionally, art was hung from chains suspended from rails close to the ceiling. This is how you’ll find most artwork still being hung in old stately homes. However, there are actually a number of other places for you to put your art. For example, you can prop a piece of large artwork against a wall, or even as a cluster of pieces on a shelf. As long as there’s a flat surface, your options are essentially limitless.

5. Clutter is bad

You’ve probably heard it a gazillion times from a bazillion home experts: clutter is bad. However, sometimes, the cluttered look is essential to some design styles, like quintessential country house. If you have a lot of valued and interesting things, why not find ways to display all of them in a chic way? If having an interesting display of your possessions is still considered clutter, then call us hoarders by all means.

6. Overhead lighting is a must

Overhead lighting is not all it’s cracked up to be. Rather, you should consider a range of different lighting options for your space. For example, mix and match floor lamps, table lamps and wall sconces for a combined and cozy ambiance instead of just a single glaring overhead light.

7. Every room needs a pop of color

Although a pop of color can add vibrance to a room, don’t feel like you have to include it if it isn’t your thing. Sometimes, a chic neutral palette (when done right) can be equally as beautiful as a boldly colored space.

8. All windows need a treatment

Window treatments are a good way to add visual interest. However, for some spaces, having a blank window is sometimes better. For example, if you have a modern home, those gorgeous oversized windows may end up being hidden by curtains and blinds, which end up detracting from the overall vibe of your space.

9. Furniture looks best lining the wall

This has been the most classic home décor rule. However, be a bit rebellious and learn to play with your furniture placement. If the space allows and it the proportions are right, consider playing your furniture off the walls. Float a long thin table behind the couch, or use hollow bookshelves as room dividers.

10. Ceilings should be white

While it’s true that white ceilings visually extend the height of a room, it can be a boring choice for many. Sometimes, you can paint the ceiling the same colors as your walls to add a dimension of cohesiveness. If you’re really creative, paint your ceiling a beautiful color and leave your walls white instead. Whatever it is, don’t ignore the space above your head.

11. Light colors for small rooms

A small room does not have to always be painted a light color. Although it might theoretically open up the space, there is always the possibility of embracing the opposite theory. Consider embracing the cozy smaller space with a dark and dramatic color. For example, why not paint a guest bedroom a gorgeous and cozy burgundy? Likewise, paint bathrooms a striking Tiffany blue or emerald green to inject make an even bolder statement.