Hi I'm Adza Irdawati. Im a 38 years old woman..I'm married to a very talented script writer and director Martias Ali and we are bless with four beautiful kids Adza Danial Haiqal(16yrs), Adza Danina Kirana (13yrs), Adza Kasih Safea(11yrs) and Adza Isabella(7yrs). 

Im a full time Script Writer. I have wrote and co wrote almost 70 drama script and a few film script since 1996. I loves writing so much and starts to write this blog in my free time from writing script.. That's how im crazzy about writing lol..

Me Adza Irdawati aka Mak Dara

Me and my husband Martias Ali

 Adza Danial Haiqal Martias

Adza Danina Kirana Martias

Adza Kasih Safea Martias

Adza Isabella Martias

Mak Dara @ AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Malaysia