I've starts blogging since 17th January 2011.. And since then I have join few blog contest such as World Bloggers And Social Media Awards 2012 and also DiGi WWWOW AWARD 2011 & 2012 

I have won THE WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR 2012 category in World Bloggers And Social Media Awards. Yup you read it right.. The worst!! lol..

 Me receiving my award from Dato Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim

Me with Ultimate Ambassador for MSMW .. He is soooo coollll

 Many has ask me why joining the worst category my answer is..

This blog is own by old lady name Adza Irdawati or I call myself as "Mak Dara" to make things worst im FAT!!!! now tell me the truth who really wants to reads a blog from an old and triple XL lady with history of meroyan.. So this category suits me very well dont cha think? =)

In 2011 I've join DiGi WWWOW AWARD in Top KAY POH category and was selected as TOP 6 FINALIST!

my video promo 2011

Unfortunately I didn't won.. boohoooo.. but to be in top 6 means a lot to me since it was only my six month blogging!!

In 2012 i was sooo surprise to find out that DiGi has pre chosen me for DiGi WWWOW AWARD 2012 in NUFFNANG FAVE KAY POH category . It was an honourrrr!!!!

my video promo 2011

I was in second rank in this category and also has been selected in TOP 50. And hopefully this years my luck will be by my side.. Fingers cross and hope for the best!!!